There are a number of products available that rather boldly advertise their

There are a number of products available that rather boldly advertise their

There are a number of products available that rather boldly advertise their, as online poker cheating software. You can perform an online search for ‘poker cheating software’ to see what I mean Agen poker terpercaya.

However, I do not condone any attempt to know an opponent’s hole cards, or to know the community cards before my opponents. That would be cheating. Consequently, I am not affiliated with, nor do I own, or use, any of the poker cheating software products.

I, and everyone I know, play the game of poker solely for the challenge, the satisfaction of achievement, and for whatever rewards that may accrue on account of our personal effort. However, I felt a discussion of the subject could be helpful for anyone wanting to weigh the cons against the presumed pros.

So, here are some of the potential problems with poker cheating software that come to my mind:

  1. While most software products offer a free trial, I have not noticed any of the cheating software products that offer a free trial. Free trials have become a somewhat standard way for a purchaser to assure that the product will meet expectations before investing their money.
  2. In their End User License Agreement (EULA), perhaps every one of the 600-plus online poker rooms explicitly prohibit the use of software that confers an unfair advantage. Particularly, as would be obtained by cheating. You should know with certainty that if you are caught using prohibited software, your poker room account is subject to forfeiture. For an example, you can visit this page, to view one popular poker room’s warnings regarding prohibited software.
  3. While some of the subject products claim to be undetectable, and assuming that at the moment they are, poker rooms are continuously upgrading their programs. Each poker room upgrade poses an opportunity for online poker software to be detected. Consequently, to maintain undetectability would require a rigorous, ongoing software upgrading effort in response to each and every poker room upgrade.
  4. Like they say, there is no honor among thieves. So, be concerned about software that likely will not meet any of your expectations, is possibly loaded with trojans, and could jeopardize your poker room account.

Granted, there are ongoing debates, and huge differences of opinion, about whether certain types of online poker software should be prohibited or not. In my opinion, a few poker rooms have erroneously prohibited certain tracking and analysis software.

Nevertheless, I think that everyone is in agreement that the intent of poker cheating software serves only to undermine the spirit of a great competitive sport.